About jesmaq

jesmaq (Jess McAvoy) is a Creative Weapon born in Perth, Western Australia and currently based in New York.

A songwriter, vocalist and guitarist since 11 and recording artist since fourteen, Jess has spent the vast majority of her twenty year recording career as the sole driver and concept designer of all her endeavors.

Her thirteen records have been self funded, and released under her own imprint “Henduwin” for which Jess has produced videos, websites, major venue performances, Australian and international tours, artwork, and all of her recordings.

Jess is primarily a songwriter, with a capacity for rapidly creating content of exceptional compositional and lyrical quality.

This time in Jess’ life is centered around artist development, with exploration of differing approaches to the ever changing creative industries, with a focus on collaboration, training and ultimately, filling the well.

jesmaq has also worked as a journalist and keeps a regular blog.


Creativity Coaching

Now conducting sessions in the New York area & internationally via Skype.

Jess has worked as a creativity coach for a little over six years, mostly centered around songwriting and live performance.

Under this umbrella Jess works one on one to inspire and enable a deeper understanding of one’s capacity to create music, visual art, live performance, write or anything that inspires you. The sessions are tailored to your personal needs and will go at the pace that you need them to.

Jess develops a personalized structure around bringing you into a healthy relationship with your creativity and /or output and provides practical tools for you to be confidently creative.

No prior experience is necessary.


“ When I contacted Jess about her services I thought I'd be learning the basic mechanics of songwriting. Much to my surprise and delight it was about so much more than finessing lyrics and working out good song structure. It became about overcoming a lifelong fear of stagefright, about finding my true voice and unleashing it. Her no nonsense, honest approach is equally inspiring and constructive. What I learned from her is invaluable to me as an artist and a person and I utilize many of her lessons every day. I cannot more highly recommend Jess's service to anyone ready to find their true voice!
-Maria Ryan

“After one session with Jess McAvoy, I walked away fundamentally changed. As a creativity coach, Jess combines her vast experience in both art and life with her ability to hear what is inside you - the thing that is screaming out to be allowed into the world but for one reason or another is stuck. With both her heart and her head fully engaged, she applies her hard earned wisdom, perceptiveness and creative genius to bring down the walls that are stifling your gift, empowering you to share it with courage and grace.
The spectacular thing about Jess is that everything she gives you is real. There are no unchecked compliments or glossy praise. She recognises your flickering inner artist, perhaps even more clearly than you can yourself, and works to release it, beautifully imperfect and unapologising. Jess McAvoy gave me the courage to be myself.”

Anna Bluck

"Jess had the ability to pinpoint exactly what I needed in order to get to where I wanted to go, her constant patience in my beginning stages, support, infectious enthusiasm and obvious natural ability to teach, made my sessions with her an absolute delight. I would highly recommend her to beginners through to seasoned musicians....she has something for everyone."
Renee Bufton

“After 10 years of creative musical block, 10 hours with Jess opened me up and hooked me into the flow and the songs haven’t stopped coming ever since. She has a subtle and nurturing teaching style that makes you feel safe to express anything yet pushes you where it counts. Canada, send her back, we miss her.”
Steve Dangerfield

“Before meeting Jess I had no idea that song writing could even be taught. She showed me that we all have these songs coiled inside our hearts, uniquely ours and ready and eager to emerge like butterflies when the environment is conducive. She creates that environment. Eternal thanks.”
Adam Sharp

"When I first started lessons with Jess, I lacked confidence in my ability and didn't have any real direction about what I wanted to do other than just learn guitar. However, with lots of encouragement and guidance, I have now got focused goals around my music including stage performance and song-writing. She told me to write, write, write and that's what I did... Now I even have a song about it!”
Lauren Taylor